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Stephen Adib master blender of Cuba Rica Tabacalera presents his newest creation Barabbas, a limited edition cigar.

Last year, Stephen Adib spent much of the year revamping his Cuba Rica brand. There were changes to the company’s Tesarosso line, as well as new additions in the form of Spirit of Art, Barabbas and Cuba Rica Limitada.

The two newest limited editions from Stephen Adib’s Cuba Rica have shipped to retailers.

While two of the latest cigars announced from Cuba Rica—Barabbas and Spirit of Art—are limited, neither is truly a limited edition. If you were waiting for Stephen Adib to announce a project that was one and done, he has—the Cuba Rica Limitada.

There have been plenty of art cigars in recent memory, but the latest from Cuba Rica is different—a cigar for Art. In Art Kalasho, Stephen Adib found a good friend, good enough that when Kalasho passed away, Adib and the family agreed to make a cigar in his honor.

For the top accounts of Cuba Rica, a new cigar is coming to humidors. Stephen Adib’s latest cigar is Barabbas, a single vitola line limited to 33 accounts.

Cuba Rica’s fuller Testarosso line will now be offered in just two vitolas. The company will add the Pele (6 x 60) size and keep the Topaz (5 x 56), while the Azar (4 x 56), Calida (6 x 56) and Fiametta (7 x 56) vitolas are no longer in production.

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