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The Story of Spirit of Art Cigar (SOA)

Commemorating and celebrating the life of cigar aficionado Art Kalasho - best friend, a sworn brother and former business partner of Stephen Adib in both wholesale and retail businesses in the cigar industry dating back to the early 90’s. Art was the consummate gentleman like no other Stephen had ever met. His compassion for humanity was exemplary and further philanthropic; his humor was filled with charm, wit and grace; his loyalty to his family and friends was unparalleled; and lastly as a husband and father, he set the bar to be followed by all seeking to be exemplary husbands and fathers. Unfortunately for all that knew, liked or loved and adored him, he passed away losing the battle to cancer at the tender age of 49 on Friday, January 13, 2012. At the time of his passing, Stephen mentioned to his wife, Farah, and eldest son, Jacob, he’d like to produce a cigar in Art’s honor; they happily and graciously accepted. In addition, Stephen decided to make the cigar in Art’s honor with a philanthropic attention to donate a portion from sale of each cigar to St. Jude’s Research Clinic in which the Art Kalasho Foundation will present some time in 2017 commemorating 5-year anniversary of his passing. When it came to choosing the name for the cigar, Stephen sought out ideas from friends and family members of Art and his own. The perfect fit that caught Stephen’s attention and he immediately decided to use came from and credit to Art’s youngest brother, Nathan, who is not only a cigar aficionado but also a veteran in numerous facets of this industry. So without further delay, the creation of this cigar became the focal point in Stephen’s endeavor to produce a masterpiece that would stand compatible to honor the name it would come to bear. Furthermore, Stephen made positive that the flavor profile of SOA was one that Art personally gravitated toward knowing his palate. And thankfully, he pulled it off! This is without question Stephen’s best work undeniably pouring his heart and soul into it.

SOA is truly a masterpiece produced like no other cigar in the world!

The cigar has a mild-to-medium with unparalleled super complex notes, creamy undertones and light notes of pepper offering perfection-in-the-making.

Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper; binder & filler information are kept proprietary.


SOA 52    4 3/4 X 52

SOA 54    5 3/4 X 54

SOA 56    6 1/2 X 56

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